AEC Software Bundle Yearly: PIX4Dmatic + PIX4Dsurvey + PIX4Dcloud Advanced (floating licence for one account)

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Software solutions for AEC applications in a package
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Seamless integration between desktop and cloud 2D and 3D processing for advanced project analyses. Harness the power of photogrammetry and terrestrial LiDAR for fast terrestrial, corridor and large-scale mapping with PIX4Dmatic. Use advanced automation to extract the data you need from point clouds and create CAD-ready results with PIX4Dsurvey. PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey in combination with our online platform for terrestrial and drone mapping enable optimised progress monitoring, site documentation and collaboration.

Purchase the software package together with viDoc and get centimetre-accurate terrestrial scans and process the results with PIX4Dmatic.


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