Maintenance of a drone

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Maintenance programme for carefree drone flights.

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As technical devices, drones must be serviced at regular intervals in order to prevent crashes and provide evidence of their proper condition in the event of an insurance claim.

How does it work?

You send your drone to Airclip for maintenance and receive it back within 2-4 weeks.

What is included?

Basically, only the drone with the corresponding remote control and a flight battery are included. The M30 has two flight batteries, whereas the M300 or M350 do not. Attachments such as a camera or a laser rangefinder are not included in the maintenance package. You are welcome to send your batteries or add-on parts for inspection and will then receive a cost estimate if something is wrong.

Service Basic service Standard service Premium service
Cleaning x x x
Inspection x x x
Firmware updates & calibrations x x x
Replacement of wearing parts - x x
Replacement of core components - - x