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Kenny Breuer
Staudt Heizung-Sanitär GmbH
We now only create layout plans with the drone as we are more accurate here than before without a drone. The time saved compared to surveying by hand is also huge. Since we no longer have to climb any roofs, safety is also very important. Measuring without fall protection is no longer justifiable in practice. The technology is very reliable, even in difficult conditions, and can always be mastered safely thanks to simple conditions. So far, we have installed over 200 objects and are very satisfied. With the amount of systems we implement, this is paid for within a few months. Depending on the size of the installation, the time saved per object is between 30 and 90 minutes. As the data is available digitally and in high quality, further processing is also very fast and good. (Translated from German)
Sven Dönnewald
Ewenso Betriebs GmbH
Always quick when help is needed, very friendly and very competent. Everything works as promised. (Translated from German)
Christoph Glaubke
We use the Airclip service to plan complex roofs quickly and accurately in PVSol. This significantly reduces the time required for our roof planners and customers are delighted with a cool 3D model of the house. In the end, everything fits on the roof exactly as planned! (Translated from German)
Solarwatt GmbH
Tony Friedrich
Energiekonzepte Deutschland GmbH
Manuel Madiener
Solmotion Project GmbH
energiehaus blechinger GmbH
Tobias Schwarz
Elektrotechnik Karl Schwarz GmbH
Andreas Alkens
Knut Schaeffter
Edling & Schaeffter GmbH
Julian Wolf
Energiesysteme und Dienstleistungen Julian Wolf

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