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This multifunctional platform for managing your drone operations gives you a comprehensive, real-time situational awareness. With DJI FlightHub 2, you can access all the information you need to plan drone missions, monitor your fleet and manage the data you create. Based on a secure cloud environment, you can organise your missions from your computer.
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FlightHub 2 provides a global 2D base map with altitude data, allowing you to organise a variety of flight missions directly from your PC. To ensure the flight route and data quality, the expected results can be displayed in the preview. For a detailed awareness of your flight mission environment, FlightHub 2 supports the display of real-time mission live streams in the cloud. Panoramic photos, RGB or orthomosaic maps can also be generated.

The operational results can be reviewed in the cloud environment. Each photo, video or panorama is displayed on the 2.5D map together with the corresponding coordinates.

Compared to the free standard version, the professional version allows you to

  • create an unlimited number of projects
  • change the logo of the Flighthub 2 platform
  • 000 minutes of livestream per month
  • have 500GB of cloud storage
  • 3.use 000 mapping images per month in real time
  • view an unlimited number of 2D and 3D models

Unused contingents of livestream minutes or mapping images are carried over to the following month.

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DJI FlightHub 2 Free Version Überblick: Flugplanung, Photogrammetrie und mehr