Agisoft Metashape Professional

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Agisoft Metashape - for photo-based 3D modelling from aerial images!
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Agisoft Metashape Professionalprocesses your drone images photogrammetrically and generates 3D models from them. Machine learning is one of the core strengths of the software and greatly facilitates the processing and analysis functions. RGB or multispectral images are processed into high-quality digital information and rendered in the form of point clouds, polygon models, georeferenced orthomosaics or digital elevation models. Post-processing functions enable the removal of shadows and texture artefacts from the model, the calculation of vegetation indices and the extraction of important information for precision farming or Agriculture 4.0. Agisoft Metashape stands for very fast processing of more than 50,000 images. To save hardware resources, a cloud can also be used without losing any functions. The project-based workflow is intuitive to use and does not pose a major hurdle even for newcomers. At the same time, the software is also suitable for experienced experts, who can benefit from functions such as stereo mode- with complete control over the accuracy of their results


  • Support for terrestrial laser scanners and camera data (LIDAR)
  • Improved depth maps
  • Automatic power line detection
  • Seamless orthomosaics
  • High-precision surveying
  • Customised vegetation index calculation
  • Support for any digital camera
  • Oblique image processing
  • Photorealistic textures due to highest accuracy
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