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DJI Terra Pro - DJI software for drone mapping
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Analyse and visualise your environment with DJI Terra, an easy-to-use mapping solution for industry professionals to professionally generate digital data from real-world scenarios.
Define targets, plan flight missions and automate data collection from the air.
Utilise image recognition technology and generate data in 2D and 3D for a more realistic representation of your target, surroundings or entire infrastructure.

Waypoint planning

Create efficient flight routes with predefined actions at each waypoint. Key functions such as speed, altitude and gimbal orientation can be defined before the flight. For more complex flight missions and flights in confined spaces that require a very high level of detail, 3D flight visualisation is now available to plan and simulate flights in existing 3D models.

Area planning

Complex flight missions can be automated in just a few steps, greatly simplifying the creation of maps and models for further analyses.

Oblique shot planning

When precision is essential and a high level of detail is essential, flight jobs with oblique images offer the possibility of creating detailed 3D models. Here, the camera captures images from an angle of inclination in order to obtain an even sharper and more detailed image of the target object.

Mapping in real time

Real-time mapping offers the ability to quickly create a 2D orthomosaic of a selected area. This is not only ideal for creating detailed flight routes in remote areas, but also for jobs with limited time windows.

3D reconstruction

Get a crisp and realistic representation of an area. This technology can be used for a variety of industrial applications, such as construction progress and accident reconstruction, and photos with a 3D reference point can be displayed separately on demand.


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Welche Hardware-Anforderungen muss ich beachten?

Sie brauchen unbedingt eine NVIDIA Grafikkarte (GPU). Sonst funktioniert DJI Terra nicht. Aller weiteren Anforderungen sind auf der DJI Hilfeseite zu finden.


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