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Cloud solution for photogrammetry, construction progress analysis and easy sharing
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Suitable for:

  • Construction companies for planning and documentation
  • Organisations that want to share photogrammetry results with other project participants and clients


Very easy to use

Fly the mission, upload photos, select the desired result and you're done! There's no easier way to get a 3D model or orthophoto than with PIX4Dcloud.

Document construction progress

You document the construction progress by repeatedly carrying out the same mission and uploading the results to PIX4Dcloud. The aerial survey is automatically assigned to the associated project and you can easily track the progress. Everything is displayed in a timeline.

Easy sharing

All project partners can be brought on board via a link to view the 3D model or orthophotos. The partners do not need to have their own PIX4D account. They can still view the model in the browser, rotate it and add notes.

No expensive hardware required

The computationally intensive analysis takes place on PIX4D servers. All you need is a simple office laptop.

Simple integration of drone flights and terrestrial surveying equipment

Drone flights are generally not suitable for documenting sewer work or similar civil engineering work. In this case, the images for photogrammetry can be better captured with hand-held surveying solutions such as this one . All images from the drone and handheld device are simply processed and merged together in PIX4Dcloud.

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What advantages do I have if I buy PIX4Dcloud from Airclip?

You receive your licences at the same price as with PIX4D and benefit from Airclip support. We have an extensive knowledge database on PIX4Dcloud in German and are always available to answer questions by telephone.

Which export formats does PIX4Dcloud support?

Point cloud:

  • .las

Mesh (3D model):

  • .fbx
  • .obj (+ .mtl + .jpg + offset.xyz)


  • GeoTIFF

Contour lines:

  • .shp
  • .dxf
  • .pdf

Is PIX4Dcloud better for me than PIX4Dmapper?

We recommend PIX4Dcloud for anyone for whom ease of use and simple sharing of results are more important than accurate results down to the centimetre.

You can weigh up the following points.

Advantages of PIX4Dcloud over PIX4Dmapper:

  • Online availability: projects are always available online and very easy to share - even with outsiders.
  • Hardware: You do not need expensive hardware.
  • Construction progress: Project history is displayed on a timeline and construction progress can be easily visualised.

Disadvantages of PIX4Dcloud compared to PIX4Dmapper:

  • Upload: You always have to transfer the data to the Internet first in order to process it. As a guide, you can expect 1 GB of data per hectare.
  • Quality of the results: The quality of the processing is lower than with Pix4Dmapper. (However, this is not a major argument in your case, especially for planning)
  • Dependence on the Internet: You always need an Internet connection to access the data. So doing a quick test calculation in low quality in the field and seeing if everything fits will not work.


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Scope of delivery

  • 1x Pix4Dcloud


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