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Photogrammetry solution for large-scale mapping
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Suitable for:

  • Almost all photogrammetry projects
  • Land surveying
  • Linear surveying projects / corridor projects (e.g. railway, motorway)


Up to 50% faster results in large projects

The solution has been developed for large volumes of data. This is reflected in time savings of up to 50% without any noticeable loss of quality.

Smooth navigation through large data

Standard solutions such as PIX4Dmapper or Agisoft Metashape have problems when navigating large amounts of data. PIX4Dmatic, on the other hand, systematically thins out the point cloud during movement to enable a smooth display.

All basic outputs: point cloud, orthomosaic and mesh/DOM

The software generates all basic outputs, i.e. point cloud, orthomosaic and mesh/DOM/DSM.

Own point cloud format for large point clouds

With the .BCP format, PIX4D has created a special format for processing large point clouds.

Also suitable for smaller projects

The solution is not only suitable for large projects - you can use it to process any project.

Ideal addition: PIX4Dsurvey

A point cloud is all well and good, but in the end you need insights. In most cases, the path to a CAD solution is decisive. PIX4Dsurvey has been specially developed for the step between point cloud and CAD model.


Can I also measure distances, areas or volumes in PIX4Dmatic?

No, unfortunately PIX4Dmatic does not offer any measuring tools. For this you need PIX4Dsurvey, for example.

Should I get PIX4Dmapper or PIX4Dmatic instead?

PIX4Dmapper is the classic and all-rounder on the market. PIX4Dmatic is where the innovation takes place, which is particularly important for large projects.


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