Surveying package PPK 400 ha

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Ready-to-fly package with drone, software, training and support for area surveying from 15 ha up to 400 ha.
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Suitable for:

  • Land surveying from 15 ha to 400 ha
  • Planning and engineering offices
  • Surveying offices
  • Surveying tasks in your own company


Extra-long flight times of up to 50 minutes thanks to fixed-wing design

The fixed-wing design is much more efficient in cross-country flight than conventional rotary-wing drones. similar to a glider, the Wingtra One can use its energy very sustainably and thus cover very large areas without stopping.

Real full-frame camera for high altitudes

Many manufacturers install cameras with 40MP+, but very few have usable systems. In most cases, small image sensors are installed, which are severely affected by non-optimal lighting conditions. With the Wingtra One, a real full-frame camera is available, namely the beloved Sony RX1R II.

Highest precision with PPK

PPK is currently the most precise way of determining the position of a drone and making it analysable in photogrammetry. This saves a lot of computing time in the analysis and gives better results than normal GNSS drones or RTK devices.

Leading photogrammetry software

The included photogrammetry software leaves nothing to be desired, even for professional surveyors. A four-hour online training course teaches beginners and advanced users how to operate the software profitably.


Don't have time for hours of set-up? Our packages arrive ready-to-fly by post or are flown out in person.

The comparison

Surveying package 50 ha

Schematisches Symbolbild einer Phantom Drohne von DJI
  • DJI Mavic 3E with RTK module
  • 70 m flight altitude
  • 2 cm/px Ground resolution
  • 50 ha per hour Surveying performance
Vergleichsluftbild für eine Fläche von 50 Hektar ausgegraut

Survey package 200 ha

Schematisches Symbolbild einer Matrice Drohne von DJI
  • DJI M300 RTK
  • 120 m flight altitude
  • 2 cm/px Ground resolution
  • 200 ha per hour Survey performance
Vergleichsluftbild für eine Fläche von 200 Hektar ausgegraut

Surveying package 400 ha

Schematisches Symbolbild für Wingtra Vermessungsdrohnen
  • WingtraOne
  • 120 m flight altitude
  • 2 cm/px Ground resolution
  • 400 ha per hour Survey performance
Vergleichsluftbild für eine Fläche von 400 Hektar


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