WingtraOne - All-round carefree maintenance contract

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Fully functional at all times thanks to the maintenance contract for the WingtraOne
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Wingtra will replace or repair your devices if they are faulty. If required, you can also obtain replacement batteries, propellers and other consumables.

Terms and conditions


  • unlimited warranty - it never expires
  • unlimited replacement components in the event of faulty equipment or at the end of its service life
  • free replacement of consumable parts (batteries, centre stand, propeller, ...) in the event of damage or at the end of service life
  • buy once, then annual billing from the 2nd year - no unforeseeable maintenance costs
  • new WingtraOne at the end of its service life every 2 - 4 years
  • full support
  • optional coverage of 100 flight hours or unlimited

(1) Unlimited repairs and upgrades

In the event of faulty or defective equipment due to manufacturing defects before the end of its useful life, Wingtra offers unlimited repairs or replacements for drones, including accessories used on these drones. If your equipment reaches the end of its useful life after two to four years, Wingtra will replace a drone package and upgrade it to the latest equivalent hardware version. Note that the maintenance contract does not give you the right to receive a new payload or equipment before the end of its life, even if a new payload or equipment comes on the market.

Included replacement after two to four years:

  • Drone
  • Pilot box
  • 1 RGB camera
  • PPK module
  • Batteries

Additional purchases, e.g. additional batteries, altitude propellers, special cameras or a replacement drone are not automatically replaced at the end of the service life and must be purchased again. Excluded from hardware replacement but covered by the Full Carefree Warranty (when used on drones covered by a Full Carefree Maintenance Contract in accordance with Wingtra's Fair Use Policy):

  • High altitude propellers
  • Additional
  • Batteries
  • Additional replacement drone
  • Additional or special cameras

(2) Free consumables as part of fair use

Drones with a Carefree Maintenance Contract will automatically receive a replacement of consumables, including centre stand, side stand, propellers and batteries, if these consumables break during normal use or reach the end of their service life - fair use policy applies.

(3) Support

Support is available by e-mail or callback request: Mon-Fri 8.30am to 6.00pm CET (Zurich) and Mon-Fri 8.30am to 6.00pm MT (Denver).

(4) Eligibility for the all-round carefree maintenance contract

The contract can be purchased for any drone package with an active warranty.

(5) Shipping, import fees and local taxes

Shipping costs, import fees and local taxes on spare parts and replacement/new drones are not included in the maintenance contract and are borne by the customer.

(6) Specific conditions for options with hull insurance

Unlimited cover for repairs and free consumables extends to accidental damage, i.e. damage to the drone due to transport, dropping or spillage resulting in major structural damage or damage to electronics. This includes: Loss or damage to the drone due to planning errors or pilot error; damage caused by bird strike or damage if the wind speed rises above the warranty limit after take-off. If damage is covered by hull insurance, the user will be charged a deductible of 20% of the replacement cost. In any case, we charge a minimum of 415€ and a maximum of 3750€. Not covered under any circumstances: Cosmetic damage such as scratches, small cracks or holes that do not affect the structural integrity of the drone; loss or theft of the equipment; wilful damage to the equipment; damage caused by operating the device outside of normal operating conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.).the warranty does not cover: damage caused by operating the equipment outside of normal operating conditions (temperature, rain, snow, fog, altitude, extreme winds); damage resulting from any modification of the hardware outside of Wingtra's instructions; any loss of data or interruption of service; any damage and claims by third parties or damage due to natural disasters.