GPS rover and ground station - type Leica 30

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Reliable GPS rover with intuitive use for everyone
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Suitable for:

  • Engineering and surveying offices
  • Construction companies
  • other companies with surveying applications


Intuitive operation even for non-surveyors

Thanks to RTK technology, it is very intuitive to use, even for non-surveyors. All you have to do is use the spirit level/crosshair to ensure that the rover is held level during the measurement. The rest is done at the touch of a button.

Very versatile in use

The rover can be used for measuring control points as well as a ground station and for conventional surveying tasks.

For example, you can define and document the position of water and waste water pipes, oil and gas pipes or power and communication lines as part of the utility construction process. Mark out rough sketches for subsequent building construction tasks or subdivide properties. transfer contours from the design to the field in landscape gardening projects or road construction.

High accuracy at a low price

You get a cost-effective GPS rover with proven Leica quality.


Our set contains everything you need to get started right away - including a field computer, tripod and various mounts. If required, you can also get the necessary SIM card with access to all German networks from Airclip.