WingtraOne GEN II

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High-quality fixed-wing drone for large areas
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  • Fixed-wing drone with extra-long endurance
  • real full-frame camera Sony RX1R II optional
  • high-precision PPK including analysis software optional
  • Optional multispectral cameras
  • Designed for maximum reliability

Flight performance

What is the maximum realistic flight time?

The Wingtra One achieves a long flight time of up to 55 minutes due to its design as a fixed-wing drone. In reality, 40 to 45 minutes per flight can be expected.

How fast does the drone fly compared to conventional drones?

At an average of 60 km/h, the Wingtra One does not fly much faster than conventional drones, but it can maintain this speed for much longer without stopping. You benefit from less time-consuming battery changes.

Compatible payloads

Are the payloads interchangeable?

Yes, several RGB and multispectral cameras are available for the Wingtra One, which can be exchanged easily and flexibly at a later date. The top RGB model is the well-known full-frame camera Sony RX1R II.

Which payload variants are currently available?


  • Sony (Oblique) a6100 (low-cost entry-level model, 20 MP - particularly suitable for 3D modelling)
  • Sony RX1R II (high-end full-frame camera, 42 MP)

Multispectral (for agriculture and forestry):

  • Micasense RedEdge-MX (standard)
  • Micasense RedEdge-P (high-resolution RGB and multispectral data)


Does the Wingtra One have a D-GNSS system on board (RTK or PPK)?

Yes, the Wingtra One comes with PPK as an option. PPK is currently the most precise way of determining the position of a drone and analysing it in photogrammetry. This saves a lot of computing time in the analysis and gives better results than normal GNSS drones or RTK devices.

What ground resolution (GSD) can the Wingtra One achieve?

The Wingtra One achieves a ground resolution (GSD ) of 1.3 cm / pixel with the Sony RX1R II at 120 m flight altitude. If you require a lower ground resolution, you can use the following formula to calculate the required flight altitude: [Flying height] = [GSD in cm] / 1.3 * 120. ATTENTION: The formula only applies to the Sony RX1R II. The maximum achievable ground resolution is 0.7 cm / pixel, limited by a minimum flight altitude of 55 metres.