DJI Cellular Tech 4G Dongle

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Category: Drone accessories
This accessory for your DJI drone offers reliable RTK network support and improved map transmission through a stable 4G connection. The dongle is easy to set up, compatible with most 4G frequencies worldwide and significantly increases the safety and performance of drone flights. It ensures continuous control even in areas with a weak signal.
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The DJI Cellular Tech 4G Dongle is a revolutionary device that will allow you to experience a world of possibilities for connectivity, improved map transmission and RTK network support.

Designed to connect your DJI drone to 4G networks, it is compatible with most 4G frequency bands worldwide. This gives you a fast, stable and seamless connection even in demanding environments. The dongle utilises the 4G network and thus compensates for signal interference or blockages. This improves map transmission, reduces the risk of dropped connections and ensures reliable control of your drone.

For any professional drone pilot who wants to significantly increase the connectivity, performance and reliability of their drone, this dongle is an essential accessory.

You will also need a SIM card from your network operator.