MicaSense - RedEdge-P dual

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High-resolution multispectral and RGB composite drone sensor
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High-resolution multispectral and RGB composite drone sensor for plant classification, weed identification, environmental research and nature conservation as well as vegetation analysis of water bodies.

  • The dual solution includes the RedEdge-P and the new RedEdge-P Blue camera.
  • NDAA compliant.

10 spectral bands for better data comparison with satellites

The RedEdge-P dual bands cover the Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 satellite bands with higher spatial resolution.

Panchromatic band for improved resolution

The RedEdge-P Dual enables a GSD of 2 cm per pixel at an altitude of 60 metres. Thanks to the sharper image, you can recognise smaller problems earlier and make reliable decisions.

Blue band for coastal waters

The unique RedEdge-P dual blue coastal band has been specially developed for analysing aquatic vegetation and identifying weeds in shallow waters.

Scope of delivery

  • RedEdge-P
  • RedEdge-P blue
  • DLS light sensor
  • CRP calibrated reflectance panel
  • USB Wi-Fi dongle
  • Lens cover
  • Integration cables
  • Mounting hardware
  • CFexpress card
  • CFexpress card reader
  • Hard carrying case
  • Start guide