Customised training courses

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Category: Drone training
We customise these training courses specifically for you. We attach great importance to professionalism, as this is in turn expected by your customers. Whether surveying, inspections or expert reports, we can help you.
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Advice from professionals

Take advantage of our extensive range of experience and knowledge, which is based on many years of work by our specialist staff in the field of unmanned and manned aircraft. Advice is available both at your premises and at our training centre in Dresden or Berlin.

Possible topics

  • customised purchasing advice for your company
  • customised employee training for your company
  • customised deployment planning
  • Use of drones in the trades and construction industry
  • Introduction to the topic of surveying with drones
  • Software training in photogrammetry with Agisoft Photoscan
  • Industrial inspections, correct selection of drone and camera technology
  • Traffic counts on roads, image processing procedures
  • Creating a SORA (SORA-GER)
  • Training and examination for proof of knowledge
  • Realisation of projects
  • customised flight training for your application