Safety Set

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Safety set for safe drone use in demanding environments
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An important aspect when using surveying drones is safety. To keep bystanders at a distance and minimise the risk of accidents or damage, there are various precautions that can be taken. One of these steps is the use of high-visibility waistcoats, drone landing pads and barriers for the take-off and landing site.

For this purpose, we have put together the Safety Set for our customers, consisting of

1x PGYTECH Landing Pad Pro

1x warning waistcoat drone pilot

4x cones 30cm

The warning waistcoat is a visible way of alerting people in the vicinity of the flight area to the presence of a drone. This helps to keep people away from the landing zone and thus prevent accidents.

Your drone can take off and land safely on the landing pad. It also has the advantage that people are made aware that this is the take-off and landing area for your drone.

Fencing off the take-off and landing site with cones is also very helpful in creating a distance from third parties.

Overall, these precautionary measures help to make the use of surveying drones safer and more efficient. They ensure a clear and visible separation between you as a professional drone pilot and bystanders and make your daily work easier.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x PGYTECH Landing Pad Pro
  • 1x warning waistcoat drone pilot
  • 4x cone 30cm